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Are you having any of these challenges?

Spending way too much time preparing your presentations
Having problems keeping your team motivated
Having a great product but can't sell it

Learn from the Swedish Champion in Toastmasters Public Speaking 2019


My mission is to get you to the next level with the 8 game-changing tools so you can sleep well and enjoy the night before your next presentations for the rest of your life!

What you will get from the eight game-changing tools

⭐️ The art of capturing your audience with Storytelling

⭐️ A powerful structure that will motivate and move anyone into action

⭐️ How to use your body language to create trust

⭐️ How to use your voice to make any subject interesting

⭐️ Four ways of using your message to persuade others to buy from you

Reach your goals with just three simple steps

1. Apply for a FREE session with me to see if we are a good fit
2. Get coached to find your core message and structure
3. Amaze every audience with your new skills
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I am trained by the legendary communicator David JP Phillips

David was recently picked as the top #18 communicator in the world by Global Gurus. His teachings in presentation skills, storytelling and self leadership have reached the entire globe and have affected millions of lives. David teaches hundreds of skills. I've picked eight that will move you to the next level faster than you ever thought was possible.

"Jonathan is outpacing any other coach and keynote speaker that I have previously seen. His absolute strengths are due to this fact; individual coaching, personal development, creating and building new keynotes. He always has an eye for the marketing and sales perspective of anything he helps a client with, and I am absolutely and utterly certain that any delivery of his is of a magnitude of its own."

- David JP Phillips

"Jonathan really takes presentation skills and storytelling to a new level. I would've never expected to grow this fast in just two days!"

Christian Grane, CEO Skövdevillan

I have coached and been coached by some amazing people

How would you like to learn your new skills?

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There is no risk at all for you

I am so confident in my programs and coaching that I will offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with my service within one day of working with me. So please, test me and let me show you how great you and your team really can become!

Let's do this!

Now it's time for you to make one of the best decisions of your life.

Option 1 - You can keep punishing yourself and the people around you with the way you are used to preparing for your next speech.

Option 2 - You take responsibilty for what you can change in your life and let me work with you to take your presentations to the next level. You and your loved ones will be thankful for the wise choice you made today.

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